1. Committee on Constitution and By Laws

Chair – Rhoel G. Laderas

It shall recommend to the members at its regular business meetings, amendments/ revisions/ additions  to the  Constitution and By-Laws as deemed necessary for the development of the Association and its members. The Constitution and By-Laws must be reviewed at least every two years.


  1. Committee on Membership and Ethics

Chair – Grace V. Virata

Co-Chair – Belinda D. Gabriel

The committee is responsible for the review and qualification of candidates seeking Association membership.

The committee shall ensure that the Association and its members comply with the highest standards of moral, ethical and professional behaviour. It shall be responsible for recommending sanctions to erring members based on valid, legal and moral grounds.


  1. Technical/Scientific Committee

Scientific Chair – Julie Anne S. Odarbe

Physical (Ad-hoc) – Bella Rozanna I. Buniel

The committee is responsible to provide structured medical device training program for both industry and other stakeholders. It shall also partner with appropriate regulatory bodies and industry associations in carrying out capacity building programs that will benefit regulators and industry members.


  1. Committee on Finance

Chair – Charmaine C. Roson

Co-Chair – Emegrace J. Milan

Ways and Means (Ad-hoc)

The committee shall take charge of funds and assets of the Association and its proper reporting/accounting. It shall also be responsible for the planning of activities and events that will generate funds for the association.


  1. Committee on External Affairs and Community Relations

Documentation (Ad-hoc) – Charmaine C. Roson

Code of Ethics (Ad-hoc) – Johanna G. Gulle

Corporate Social Responsibility (Ad-hoc)


The committee shall coordinate meetings and dialogues with relevant regulatory agencies and the Association. It is also tasked to manage partnerships with local and international professional organizations.

The committee shall also act as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the Association.


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