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PAMDRAP stands for the Philippine Association of Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Professionals. It is a dynamic, non-stock, and non-profit association that unites professionals in the field of medical device regulatory affairs in the Philippines.

PAMDRAP was established in September 2011 and has been actively working to elevate the Philippine medical device industry ever since.

PAMDRAP membership is open to individuals, companies, and academic institutions involved or interested in the medical device industry, particularly in regulatory affairs.

Benefits include access to a network of regulatory professionals, educational opportunities, advocacy on regulatory issues, resources, mentorship, and recognition of contributions to the industry.

You can join by visiting the membership page on the PAMDRAP website, where you'll find details on different membership options and the application process.

Yes, PAMDRAP offers educational programs, including webinars, workshops, seminars in collaboration with the FDA, and resources to keep members informed about evolving regulations.

 PAMDRAP advocates for policies that foster innovation while safeguarding patient safety. Their goal is to make compliance with medical device regulations a gateway to progress.

Yes, PAMDRAP actively engages with regulatory bodies like the FDA to represent the interests and concerns of its members in the development of regulations and standards.

PAMDRAP has awards and recognition programs to celebrate individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the medical device industry in the Philippines.

PAMDRAP envisions a future where the Philippines is recognized globally for its quality medical devices, as an innovation hub, and a leader in regulatory excellence. They aim to continue advocating for streamlined regulations, education, and collaboration within the industry.

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