Hot yoga exercise: what is it, advantages and also contraindications?

Hot yoga exercise resembles you involved class, yet the trainer chose to spend it in the sauna. Sweat drains, and also with it excess weight thaws. We will tell you what Bikram yoga is as well as exactly how it assists to drop weight. It is claimed that the hot yoga weight loss before and after exercises aim to replicate the climate of India, where it originated. It has been observed that practicing yoga in such an environment helps to lose weight better and eliminate excess water from the body.

What is hot yoga exercise (bikram yoga exercise)?

Hot yoga (bikram yoga exercise) is a set of exercises executed in a heated room. This style of yoga exercise takes its name from its founder, Hindu Bikram Chowdhury, that came to be India’s nationwide yoga educator in 1957 when he was just 13 years old. At 17, Bikram experienced a knee injury and also was told by doctors that he would certainly never ever have the ability to walk. Under the assistance of his educator Bishnu Ghosh, Bikram began to do a collection of asanas to recover the body after an injury. In a heated room, a collection of exercises targeted at recovering health was carried out. This significantly lowered the risk of more injury as well as aided to function deep right into the hurt area. As a result of difficult training, Bikram entirely restored his knee. The common facility includes 26 asanas and also 2 breathing workouts done in a specific order for a hr as well as a half. The temperature in the space is -38 -40 degrees. Humidity – 40-50%.

Advantages of hot yoga exercise

Since this kind of yoga happens in a space with a high temperature, the body, consisting of the muscles, warms up much faster and also much better. This enables you to stretch a little greater than a typical exercise. A 2013 research found that after 8 weeks of Bikram Yoga, individuals were more flexible in their reduced back, shoulders, and also hamstrings than the control team.

Shed more calories and also do it quicker

If you consider concerning 73 kg, you melt concerning 183 kcal in a common yoga course. According to an University of Colorado research, warm yoga sessions save you 460 calories if you’re a male as well as 330 calories if you’re a lady.

Develop your cardio system.

High temperatures as well as moisture stress and anxiety the cardiovascular system, muscle mass and lungs. Training in hot and also damp weather condition is equivalent in effort to the same 2 exercises, however just in acquainted conditions. According to a 2014 research, an hour and a fifty percent of Bikram yoga exercise makes your heart beat like you’re walking at 5.7 km/h.

Decreased blood sugar level

Any physical activity decreases blood glucose levels as it is used for power. A 2013 study located that practicing Bikram Yoga exercise boosted sugar resistance in obese older adults. This suggests that such exercise may be of great advantage to people at enhanced risk of developing kind 2 diabetes mellitus, nevertheless, this result has not been seen in younger grownups or thin adults.

boosts skin condition

You will certainly sweat profusely during hot yoga exercise sessions. Sweating in such a warm as well as damp atmosphere enhances blood circulation. This allows oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to get to the skin cells. Much better nutrition indicates much better condition and appearance. Furthermore, hot yoga exercise courses enhance bones and also aid eliminate stress and anxiety.


Hot yoga exercise is not appropriate for people with cardiovascular disease, expectant females, diabetes, arterial problems, anorexia and fainting spells, low high blood pressure or low blood glucose. Consult your medical professional to make sure warm yoga is secure for you. And do not forget to consume plenty of water, as dehydration is a huge issue in Bikram Yoga exercise.