TOP 5 games on PlayStation 2

God of War 2

After the high-profile debut of God of Battle in 2005, the general public was assured that the sequel would definitely appear on the PS3 platform. Absolutely nothing similar to; that. Exactly 2 years later, when the PS2 was almost dead, God of Battle 2 was released, which shocked everyone. everyone with its scale, its activity; of storm and its excellent graphics. God of Battle 2 introduced new hero powers and abilities: Kratos can now swing on ropes in the spirit of Indiana Jones and also fly through the air using the Wings Stolen. are at Icarus. Still, the main advantage of the video game, as with God of War, was brutal battles with ancient Greek beasts, where the blood flowed like a river with screens, as well as the limbs of the adversaries distributed in all instructions with regular regularity. enviable.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Steel Gear Strong 3: Serpent Eater has been a big step forward for the legendary PlayStation series. The sequel, set in the 60s of the last century (throughout the Cold War), introduced us to Solid Serpent’s dad named Naked Snake (also known as Large Employer) and also moved activity in the vast forest. Below we had to use camouflage, hunt animals and also heal wounds in the field. The unique reference is entitled to stealth intelligently applied, as well as to an amazing story, ending in perhaps the best boss battle ever. For all these factors, Serpent Eater is considered as one of the most effective parts of MGS.

Grand Heist Vehicle: San Andreas

Vice City was way better than GTA 3 at this point. all points of view, as well as Grand Theft Automobile: San Andreas has increased the range from the previous game to many times. Now, at your service, it was not only the city – you had to discover the whole state with cities, villages as well as wild animals. And you haven’t played anymore to the errand boy for mafia managers – you got used to it. in the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson, a character with full-fledged with a personality, a story and also the requirement for food and exercise (which the body does- transformed based on your actions). truly outrageous: take, for example, the theft of a jetpack from location 51 to; the request of a pusher with CIA ties. Nothing more enthusiastic has been proposed by GTA since then; incidentally, like any other game did not provide. This is the game that many people have purchased for. the PS2 console, which is why it ended up in 3rd place on our checklist. Times have changed, but our fond attachment to old school ps2 emulator games is still strong, our site: has all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.

Wickedness resident 4

Whenever Resident Wickedness 4 enters the next pick, the focus is definitely on how the video game has become a new stream in the series, there’s an absence of zombies traditional, a hassle-free view behind the hero’s shoulder, etc. Let’s cut to the chase: RE4 was just fun to watch; to play. Manual aiming (which used a laser guideline) made firefights with angry peasants much more amazing than what we saw in the previous Homeowner Evil 4 Features also included melee strikes; body – currently we could shoot an opponent in the knee and then roundhouse-kick them, sending them flying. The video game had a huge impact on the style of shooter game. the third person as a whole, but when we hear about it, we are not advised; of its importance for the sector: a succession of intense minutes flash before your eyes. Defense in a house with two & oacute;floors, where infected peasants trying to sneak in, altercations with regenerators, mazes the interior of a huge medieval castle, etc. Moreover, it is to because of these memories that we play at; games.

Darkness of the Colossus

At first glance, Shadow of the Giant appears empty. Players are simply thrown into a substantial globe in which there is not a lone living soul. Dialogue is practically non-existent here, as are the adversaries, àgrave; except for 16 giants that must be destroyed. However, the project has received many various awards and is considered as one of the greatest works of art ever released on PS2. The trick to success lies in the depth of the game. The plot here is not served through various cutscenes and conversations, but directly through the gameplay. Each of the Colossi – it’s a secret that needs to be addressed, part of an unfortunate story that needs to be made up as a whole. Darkness of the Giant shows that video games do not have to conform to the regulations of various other types of media, and also offers an experience that is sure to be unique for each player.